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20 Things Only Vermonters Will Understand


If you were born in Vermont, or have spent majority of your time living here, we can all agree that Vermonter’s are a little different than the rest of the folks across the United States. We love our maple syrup, pronounce some words a little differently, get asked what state Vermont is in and everyone thinks we are outnumbered by cows. Enjoy this list of things that only Vermonters might understand.

  1. Its called a creemee, not soft serve. Oh, and the things we put on top are called sprinkles, not jimmies. Don’t question us, it’s just how it is!
  2. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is a big deal
  3. We have unique seasons; almost winter, winter, still winter, mud season and road construction. We also get this season called “summer”, but it doesn’t seem to stick around for very long.
  4. Flatlanders- what we call everyone not from or born in Vermont
  5. Maple syrup pretty much runs through our veins, and is one of the main food groups
  6. The Lake Monster- Champ, lives in Lake Champlain
  7. Heady Topper is our favorite craft beer
  8. We love our Cabot cheese
  9. Leaf Peepers- we like their business, but their driving…not so much.
  10. Shorts and t-shirts weather is anything above 40 degrees
  11. We can spot the difference between real and fake maple syrup. You can keep your Aunt Jemima, we only use real Vermont maple syrup around here.
  12. The T in “Vermont” and “mountain” is silent
  13. It’s impossible to run errands and not run into someone you know
  14. Snow day? What’s that? We can all count the number of snow days we’ve ever had on one hand. 
  15. We love to wear flannel
  16. Phish the band
  17. Rusty DeWees is our Larry the Cable Guy
  18. The weather changes constantly. 78 degrees and sunny one day, 32 degrees and snowing the next.
  19. 802 is our mantra
  20. We are always willing to give a helping hand, whether that be to a stranger stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, or helping someone answer a question while shopping at the local home depot.
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