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Moving Companies in Vermont

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Hiring a Moving Company Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Moving is one of the more stressful events in someone’s life. According to the US Census Bureau, a person will move roughly 11 times in their lifetime. If you have moved recently, and have an average amount of stuff, you likely remember pulling everything out of its “place” and being completely overwhelmed and amazed by all the stuff you have accumulated over the years.

Some people move often and are experts at minimalist living, so they can pack quickly and lightly. Most of us, however, get anxious just thinking about moving all our belongings from one place to another.

As an award-winning moving company in Vermont, one of the discussions we have regularly with both our new hires and team leads alike is that of making our customer as at ease as possible from the time we discuss and schedule the move, to when we arrive, and until the last item is moved off our truck.

We know its stressful for our customers to have all of their belongings on our truck, and in our possession. We try to give our customers as much information as possible as we go to help alleviate the stresses of moving day.

Challenges Facing Customers and Moving Companies in Vermont

Moving in the state of Vermont is not always the easiest or most convenient. While Vermont is not necessarily unique in our weather patterns, weather and seasons are factors that need to be contended with when customers and a moving companies in Vermont are planning a move. Its safe to say that more people move between April and November than in the winter months, but not everyone needing to move has that luxury.

That said, its not that bad to move in snowy conditions, but it is important to plan ahead a little bit in case there is a big snowstorm or pouring rain. In the winter it can be difficult to keep driveways and walkways safe for the movers when the snow is coming down hard. Rain can be another issue in the Spring, Summer and Fall, but movers in Vermont should be mindful of this. We typically try to park as close to the new home or storage unit as possible and cover any items that might be sensitive to rain or water.

Vermont moving companies, however, typically have it a little easier when it comes to space, with the exception of maybe downtown Burlington. Situations where we need to double park don’t come up quite as often here, or have quite the impact as they do in more urban or metropolitan areas. We do have to contend with steep and sometimes icy driveways from time to time.


Movers Serving Waterbury, Barre, Montpelier, St. Albans and More

Given the population in Chittenden County VT, we do a fair amount of moving in and around Burlington. However we do have branches in Georgia, VT and Barre, VT as well and provide Vermont moving company services to just about anywhere our customers need us. Grunts began its life in St Albans VT but we have since moved that branch to Georgia, VT, just off I-89. We also started a branch in Barre in 2019 to serve the central Vermont area.

As one of the premiere Vermont moving companies, customers call us to move just about anything, and while we love to be able to say yes to everything, but as a responsible moving company, we have to be mindful of our employees’ safety. Here is an incomplete list of the towns and cities we serve in Vermont:


Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Charlotte, Essex Junction, Jericho, Shelburne, Hinesburg, Milton, Waterbury, Waterbury Center, Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, Randolph, Warren, Waitsfield, Moretown, Middlesex, Stowe, Morrisville, Hyde Park, Johnson, Cambridge, Franklin, St. Albans, Swanton, Enosburg, Georgia, Fairfield, Middlebury, Vergennes, Ferrisburgh, White River Junction, Norwich, Hartford, Woodstock, Hartland, Quechee, New Haven and MORE! If your town is not on the list, call us at 802-695-0362!


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