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Frequently Asked Questions about Moving & Junk Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Grunts Move Junk’s FAQ section to have all your queries sorted. Experience excellent customer service and seamless moving jobs from our fully licensed professionals.

Do you offer junk removal services?

We at Grunts Move Junk offer full-service junk removal for your household junk. Get your unwanted junk like scrap metal and yard debris out of the way for good when you avail of our junk removal services.

What type of insurance is available?

We offer different levels of valuations, so you can select the one that works best for you! They include Good (basic carrier liability-free), Better (partial valuation-$95), and Best (full valuation-$195). The reasonable valuation covers 0.60 cents/lb of furniture damage and $25 for wall & floor coverage. The better valuation covers $1.25/lb of furniture damage up to $10,000 and up to $150 for wall & floor coverage. The best valuation covers $6/lb of furniture damage up to $40,000 and up to $600 for wall & floor coverage. Select which level of valuation you prefer before the big move.

What items won't you move?

We cannot move plants, perishable items, or hazardous waste. Some of the hazardous materials that we cannot move include acid, aerosols, ammunition, batteries, car batteries, charcoal, chemistry sets, cleaning fluid, fertilizer, fireworks, gasoline poisons, kerosene, lamp oil, lighter fluid, liquid bleach, loaded weapons, matches, motor oil, nail polish & remover, paints, paint thinner, pesticides, propane tanks, weed killer.

Do you offer moving services for fragile items?

Yes, we can move your fragile belongings. However, we strongly suggest you move items of exceptional value in your vehicle.

Do you offer storage for items overnight?

Yes. We can store your items overnight for an additional fee.

Do you offer car transportation services?

No. Unfortunately, we do not transport vehicles.

Do you offer pet transportation services?

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer services to transport animals.

Do you provide moving blankets?

Yes, we will be providing moving blankets for your belongings.

Do moves push through even during bad weather?

Unless there are dangerous road conditions, the movers will arrive even with bad weather. We always make it a point to be on time, but if emergencies or unforeseen circumstances occur, we will contact you to sort things out. 

Do I have to tip the movers?

You are under no obligation to tip the movers! Tips are always appreciated but never expected. A tip alternative and one of the highest forms of flattery for a job well done is an excellent review on our Facebook or Google page. If you choose to tip, you can either hand the tips over to the crew leader, give it to them each individually, or ask that it be put on your credit card and added to the final total.

How do I schedule my move?

Get fast service by sending your details to our Contact Us page. We will give you an estimate and get you scheduled. You can also call us at (844) 464-7868.

How much does a move cost?

Move costs depend on both our hourly rate and port-to-port charges. To get an idea of how many hours we will schedule, we will need to know how big your house is and how many rooms are present. For the port-to-port charges, we will measure the mileage from your current area to the place you’re moving to. The overall port-to-port costs will cover the crew’s drive from our home base in St. Albans to your current home, your new home, and then back to our home base.

How do I pay for my move?

Feel free to pay via cash, check, or card. We accept all major credit cards. Contact our excellent customer service if you need any help with your payment.

How do I report a claim?

If you notice damage to your belongings during a move, please notify us immediately so we can investigate the claim. We have a 30-day claim policy, starting on the day of your move. If our team damages any item, you have 30 days to file a claim. To submit your claim, email us at (844) 464-7868 to speak with our office manager.

Is the estimate the final cost?

We take pride in our transparent pricing. After calculating your initial estimate, note that your final cost may be more or less than the estimated price. It changes based on the total time the moving job takes. 

Can I help with the move?

Yes, we welcome an extra hand! But for your well-being and the safety of your belongings, we request that you take extra precautions by not stepping into the back of the moving truck or on the ramps while moving.

When is the ideal time to move?

Our peak season, where we’re the busiest, is during the summertime. Our moving slots also fill up quickly during the end of the month, the end of the year, and the holidays. To ensure that you book a move at your desired time slot, we suggest you give us a call a few weeks in advance. That way, it gives us a chance to reserve a time for you on our schedule.

Do your moving services come with boxes and packing supplies?

Our team will only bring the moving blankets. We suggest you buy the packing supplies you would like us to use, or we can order them for you and add them to your final bill. Remember that we will add the extra hours of packing and boxing your belongings to your move’s total.

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