Garage Cleanout

What’s In Your Garage?

How many of you are forced to spend an extra ten minutes during your already long morning commute, just to brush the snow off from your car? Can’t park it inside your garage because it’s filled with a bunch of junk you haven’t used since 1998? It’s March here in Vermont, so that means lingering snow and cold temperatures. Look, we’ve all been there. We keep that old lawn mower that refuses to start and swear it “only needs spark plugs and a new battery”. The kids bicycles from when they were eight, the box of car parts for the old ford parked on the side of the house, twenty boxes of clothes we haven’t worn in years.

Garage Cleanout

Most of our garages are filled with junk we never use, or say we will but never do. Why not clear out your garage and make room for your car? Imagine clicking that garage door opener and backing out, without having to worry about clearing off your windshield or rear window. Imagine how much more you could get done with those extra ten minutes you’ll save from not having to clear off your car every morning. You might even be able to eat that bagel sitting at your kitchen table, instead of while you’re driving to work. Let Grunts Move Junk help you clean out your garage and make room for your car.

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