Big D Computer Services

Big D Computer Services- Featured Business of the Week

Big D Computer Services
Phone: 8023556256
Owner: David Dumont

How It Started
David decided to start his own business shortly after coming back from Afghanistan Deployment 2010, he was doing side jobs for friends and family fixing their computers for baked goods and gift cards.
He was approached by one of his friends that he should start his own business because he was good at it, so indeed thats what he did.  He reached out to Veterans SB and they helped him get started with a website and business cards, the rest is all history.

Big D Computer Services

David says every week is a win for him, he only did word-to-mouth advertising so once his friends and family told others he was getting calls and emails for business. David landed two big commercial clients to do their local IT support.

Special Thanks
David would like to thank his wife Amanda  for standing by him and letting him make part of the house his “home office”, also dealing with customers that were dropping off or picking up computers for when he was not there sometimes in the late hours.

David would also like to thank Mitch Durfee and his Grunts Move Junk team for coming out and working on his house when he was getting it ready for sale, they saved him 2 weeks worth of work and it took about 2 days to do it.
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