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Tips to Make your Move Stress-Free

Making Moving Stress-Free

Whether you are packing up a big house or a cozy apartment, organizing your life into cardboard boxes can be hectic and stressful. Moving can be an inconvenience, and, at its worst, it can be a stress-inducing calamity. As you stand in your living room looking at all your unpacked belongings, it might seem an unconquerable beast. That being said, it assuredly is not. Moving does not have to be a bad experience, in fact, it can be a seamless process as you transition into a new home. Luckily for all of us, there are a few tips and tricks to make your big move a small task.

Start Early and Organize

At Grunts Move Junk & Moving we run into situation all the time in which customers wait until the last minute. The key to making your move a stress-free experience is to start early. We also recommend planning to pack more boxes than you think. Forty boxes might seem like a lot, but a 3-4 bedroom home may have 80 boxes of stuff to pack up by the time you’re done and ready to move.

Moving can seem a momentous task, and putting it off is easy when your departure date may rest comfortably a few weeks in the future. Don’t let this fool, you since your final day in your current home can sneak up on you. The best way to prevent a last-minute panic is to organize your moving process. Prioritize your belongings into things that you use every day and things that you will not miss for a few weeks. Once you have compartmentalized, begin packing up your non-essential items. Starting early, maybe go through one closet or room a day. If it is summer, for example, pack up all your winter clothes in advance. Go through your kitchen and keep your everyday appliances out, but maybe begin packing up some things you don’t use on a regular basis. If you can dedicate some daily time to this preemptive decluttering, then come moving day all you will need to worry about are a few items. This moving strategy makes the process manageable and even gives you time to reminisce as you pack up your things.

Make the Best of It

While moving might seem like the opposite of fun, it doesn’t have to be. It can give you the opportunity to enjoy memories that maybe you have not thought about in a while. Moving can be a great time to reminisce. On the other hand, it can also be the perfect time to find out what is actually important to you. No process makes you reconsider your worldly possessions like being forced to pack them into boxes and load them in a truck. Moving can be a great opportunity to finally go through your cabinet of miscellaneous belongings or to reassess how much you like that sweater you haven’t worn in two years. As an added bonus, finding out what you no longer need may lead to a successful garage sale or a charitable donation. Moving is an opportunity to organize and declutter your life.

Asking for Help

Moving can be overwhelming and even downright difficult. Relying on friends and loved ones can make the task seem doable and maybe even fun. Asking for help can be hard and asking friends and family to sacrifice their weekend can be awkward. If you are comfortable enlisting the help of Friends and Family, then that is great, but if not, there are other options. We can help just about every step of the way, from a consultation to packing some or all of your home. Grunts can help separate the items you want to keep and move from items you just want to get rid of. Moving does not have to be a bad experience.

Be Kind to Yourself

No matter how organized you are, moving can still be stressful. Be sure to take care of yourself. As you make your move it can seem like there is always more to do but spreading out the work over a few weeks will ensure that your sleep and health do not suffer. Try and get as much rest as your body needs and stick to nutritious foods. Packing can be difficult enough without adding exhaustion and an upset stomach to the mix. That being said, make sure to reward your hard work. After a day of packing maybe treat yourself to some ice cream from your favorite spot, or spend the afternoon at your local park. If you’re not too tired, be sure to meet up with friends and family. If you are moving far away, you will cherish a few last nights with them. Even if you are only moving across town, spending time with loved ones can reduce stress and allow you to take your mind off your move. It is easy to get lost in the worries of moving, so make sure that you are keeping your mind and body happy.

Get Ready for a Change

Whether you are moving across the world or across town, it can be a big change. It can be difficult to leave a comfortable home, and there may be an adjustment period as you settle into your new place. You should not waste any time making your new house or apartment feel like home. Have pictures and posters ready to avoid staring at the void of an undecorated wall. Call your friends and family to chat and let them know how you are doing. Hearing a familiar voice can be very reassuring. You shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy some comforts that you liked back home. Relax with a favorite movie and some tasty food. Having said that, don’t allow yourself to just hole up in your new place. Do some research about where you are moving so you can get excited about your new home in advance. Once you move in, be sure to go out and explore your new surroundings. Find a new favorite restaurant or take a trip down to the city center. If you want to meet new people, ask some co-workers out for a drink, or maybe start taking dance classes. While it is important to get comfortable in your new home, make sure you enjoy new experiences as well!

All in All

Moving can seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting early and staying organized can offset much of the stress and panic that accompanies a last-minute packing frenzy. Be sure to take care of yourself and prioritize your own health and happiness. Try and enjoy moving as much as you can, taking time to reminisce about old memories, and spending time with friends and family. Be ready for a big change, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Moving can be an exciting experience as well as an opportunity to try new things and meet new people. And if you are just too busy to go through the process alone, you can always contact Grunts Move Junk & Moving. We do the hard work with a soft heart.

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