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Tenant Eviction Clean-Up

Tenant Eviction Cleaning

It can be agreed that all landlords would love to have a tenant who pays their rent on time, renews their lease every year, and doesn’t cause any damage to the property. In reality, most landlords and property owners will find many tenants who are pleasant, but they will also find themselves dealing with tenants who wreak havoc on the rental property and don’t pay their rent on time or at all. When that is the case, landlords will often have no choice but to evict those tenants.

What causes a landlord to evict a tenant?

Non-payment of rent

Non-payment of rent is a common cause. Landlords are often put in a difficult position when tenants fail to pay the money owed for a certain period of time. This leaves them with few options other than to initiate the tenant eviction process. Although daunting, tenant evictions are typically reserved as a last resort and there are times when landlords may be able to work with tenants to avoid them.

Habitual late payment of rent

When tenant payments are consistently missing their due dates, it puts landlords at risk of being unable to make timely mortgage payments. Landlords must act swiftly in such instances as repeat offenders may result in serious damage to the tenant-landlord relationship and potentially even legal action.

Disrupting other Tenants

Evicting a tenant for disrupting other tenants is a common tenant eviction practice. Landlords may choose to evict when tenant activities become disruptive to others, like extremely loud music, leaving unsightly garbage in common areas, or participating in criminal activity that affects the tenant community. When there are too many complaints from neighboring tenants, the property manager has no choice but to involve local law enforcement and build a case against them and proceed with tenant eviction if deemed necessary.

Damage to the property

Damage to a property can be caused intentionally or unintentionally, but it could still lead to eviction nonetheless. If a tenant causes any sort of damage that is not caused due to normal wear and tear, they could find themselves being asked to move out. This includes broken appliances, major water damage, mold developments, and other hazardous damages. Tenants should always take proper care of the rental unit they are living in and if they cause any type of damage, know that it might be grounds for eviction.


When an eviction takes place, landlords have a certain process and steps they must follow:

  1. Give the tenant a written notice of the need for them to vacate the property as well as a time frame.
  2. If the tenant still has not left the property within that time frame, the landlord can then file a suit against them in the superior court where the county is located. The summons and complaint will then be delivered to the tenant by a sheriff and once they have received the papers, they have 21 days to respond with a written answer to the court.
  3. If the tenant still fails to answer the summons and complaint, the judge can then award the landlord a writ of possession. This allows the landlord to take possession of the rental within 14 days after the writ is issued. The landlord may then take control of the premises and a sheriff, if necessary, may physically remove the tenant from the property.

In most cases, the evicted tenant will be in a hurry to leave and will pack up only their necessities and leave behind a big mess, perhaps even some of the tenant’s belongings. In those cases, property managers will often contact junk removal service companies such as Grunts Move Junk to come in and remove all of the items left behind.

Take a look at our most recent tenant eviction cleanup:

It is devastating for landlords to see their properties left damaged and trashed like this.

When a tenant is evicted, there will likely be a lot of damage to the property and cleaning to do. That’s where tenant eviction cleanout services come in. Grunts Move Junk offers junk removal services that can help landlords restore the property back to its former condition. 

Our eviction cleanout process can include removing all debris and personal property left behind by former tenants, deep-cleaning carpets and other surfaces, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, repairing any damage caused by the tenant, disposing of hazardous materials, and more!

If you’re looking for tenant eviction cleaners who can do the job right, look no further than Grunts Move Junk! Contact us today for more information about tenant evacuation clean-up services.

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