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About Grunts Move Junk & Moving

We make it our goal to make your life easier by being prompt and moving, or removing, your items with a smile.

Grunt Move Junk | About Us

No one likes junk, but it’s an inevitable part of life. At some point, we all have to deal with the daunting task of decluttering our homes and offices. That’s where Grunt Move Junk comes in. We’re junk movers who specialize in making the moving experience as hassle-free as possible. We’ll take care of all the junk removal jobs that you don’t have time for, whether it’s an old piece of furniture or a stack of unwanted boxes!

We are also professional movers who can help you move locally or interstate. With our moving services, we’ll do everything for you from start to finish from packing to unpacking, and ensure that your items are safely transported to your new home.

Whether it’s junk removal or moving, we at Grunts Move Junk ensure that everything is hassle-free for you. We are dedicated to making people’s lives easier and we reflect that in every one of our services all for a fair price.

About Grunts Move Junk & Moving Vermont

Mitch Durfee started Grunts Move Junk & Moving in 2014. People like our company because we are nice and we help them when they need us. Our expert movers make people happy and relaxed when we help them move or get rid of their junk items and household trash. This is what motivates us to keep doing our best.

Bart Newhouse bought Grunts Move Junk in 2018 and is continuing the company’s missions. The company soon developed a team in Central Vermont that serves the Barre, Montpelier, Stowe, and Waterbury areas. In 2021, Bart acquired the Worcester, Massachusetts branch that originally was developed in 2016 and serves north-central Massachusetts.

Here at Grunts Move Junk, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. We understand that some jobs are more challenging than others, which is why we’re excited to continue growing and offering our award-winning junk removal services to more and more great customers.

About Grunts Move Junk & Moving New Hampshire

The Grunts Move Junk & Moving company started in 2019. Eric Desautels became the Operations Manager in 2021. We help people move in the Lebanon-Littleton-Nashua area and also Southeastern Vermont. Through our professional junk removal services and professional movers, we want to give our customers the best service possible just like we have been doing since 2019.

Our customers are important to us and we treat them like friends and family. Our junk removers work on cleaning out sheds, demos, appliances, garages, basements, furniture or heavy items, and much more from hazardous waste and unwanted things. Our moving services (in Vermont) won Best Moving Company in VT 2 years in a row in one survey before COVID (2018 & 2019), plus 2 additional “Best Moving Company in VT” awards from another. We continue to serve residential and commercial customers in New Hampshire with pride.

About Grunts Move Junk & Moving Massachusetts

In 2016, Mitch helped start another part of the company in Worcester, MA. The reason for this was to see if other people could do what they did and if it was a good idea. The MA branch grew a lot and was successful. Bart bought it in 2021 and now owns all the parts of Grunts.

The Worcester branch is the same as the Vermont and New Hampshire operations. We work hard to help our customers. We can help with anything from clearing yard waste and unwanted belongings, to moving valuable belongings with utmost care. We’re always happy to help with your moving, junk removal tasks, and outside-the-box projects.

We Make It Our Goal To Make Your Life Easier By Being Prompt and Moving, Or Removing, Your Items With A Smile!

Moving is a big undertaking, whether you’re moving across town or the country. And when you’re dealing with a long-distance move, the process can be even more complex and stressful. That’s where Grunts Move Junk comes in. We’re full-service movers with affordable services and competitive prices.

We’ll handle all the details of your move, from packing and loading your belongings to transport and delivery. We even offer junk hauling services to help you get rid of any unwanted items before your move. So whether you’re looking for a full-service mover or just someone to handle the heavy lifting, Grunt Move Junk is here to help. Contact us today to get started on your long-distance move!

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We are committed to helping our customers create a cleaner and greener environment through our junk services and local and long-distance moving services. Our friendly team of junk movers is happy to answer any questions you may have about our junk services, facilities, or partnerships with local charities and organizations. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you make a difference in your community!

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