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Shed Removal for Massachusetts, Vermont & New Hampshire

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Shed Cleanout and Shed Removal in Massachusetts,Vermont & New Hampshire.

Sheds are inherently one of the easiest places to store wanted, and unwanted, items. They are a great place to put lawn maintenance equipment, tools, kid’s toys, yard games, sports or hobby equipment, camping gear, patio furniture and much more.

The problem is, sometimes they are too convenient for these things, in that they are just out of the way enough so we don’t really ever feel like we have to deal with it. For better or worse, this can go on for years, and depending on the size of the shed, things that might eventually be junk continue taking up more and more space.

Eventually, however, you’ll find the need for a cleanout and junk removal of all the items you’ve collected over the years. You will keep the items you use, and that work, and you’ll junk the items that are broken or that you just never use anymore.



Take Care when Taking on your Shed Cleanout, Junk Removal & Demo

The shed junk removal process can be a bit daunting, depending on the condition of the shed itself and its contents. If the shed is old, maybe acquired through the purchase of a home, there may be bees, wasps or other insects you will have to contend with. Sheds are also easy places for rodents to find homes in, so be on the lookout for mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels and more as you are making your way through the piles.

Its also possible the structure itself is compromised. When considering shed removal in Massachusetts, Vermont & New Hampshire, remember old sheds could have nails or sharp pieces of broken wood sticking up from the floor or out from the walls, wire, protruding tools, glass or other sharp objects that may be poorly secured. Be careful in there and wear work gloves and boots.

Either way, its often best to pull everything out of the shed and onto the lawn to get a good look at what you have. As with much of our junk removal advice, sort things into piles: definitely keep, maybe, and definitely junk. If you intend to keep the shed, now might be the time to make repairs if there is anything dangerous or harmful in there that needs some TLC to hold up until the next shed junk removal.


Reorganizing Your Shed After the Cleanout


The definitely keep items can be moved back into the shed. If possible, we recommend taking a few days to decide on the ‘maybe’ items. If you’re pretty sure you’ll use an items, it might be better to hold onto it, rather than sending it to the dump and needing to buy another in a year.

With the change of seasons in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts you may find there is a winter you don’t need a particular tool, but you need it a lot the next winter, so keep that in mind as well.

Grunts Move Junk & Moving can help with the lifting, sorting and replacing all of the above if you’d like the help during your shed cleanout.

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Once you have the pile of junk from shed cleanout, call Grunts Move Junk, at 844-464-7868, to come by and haul it away. Our junk removal services are quick and easy and we’ll have things removed in no time. We come equipped with pickup trucks and 16 cubic yard dump trailers and our teams are friendly and efficient.

demo and removal of shed

Don’t let a shed cleanout get you down.  Call us to get rid of the junk and have us demo it & remove the debris


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