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Garage Clean Outs and Junk Removal Vermont

Tips for an efficient and space-saving garage cleanout

Easy Garage Clean Out Services in Vermont, New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Garages are far too tempting a space to store unwanted or unused items, especially during summer months in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where its pretty easy to keep your car(s) outside. That large space is practically begging to be filled with junk. Even things that might get used regularly, but otherwise have no covered space of their own tend to gravitate to the garage. Bikes, lawn mowers, tractors, kids toys, wheelbarrows, lumber, tools, etc. all seem to make their way to the garage.

Once in a while, its important to take on the ol’ garage clean out task.



Tips on How to Tackle a Garage Clean Out

We find the garage clean out in Vermont is a little easier than basement clean outs because there tends to be more space to make piles. On the other hand, the final sweep of the space is kind of a pain because of all the road dirt and dust that vehicles bring in during the snowy months.

Getting your garage ready to finally move your vehicle back in doesn’t have to be that hard, unless of course its been a while. Pick a nice Sunday afternoon and the following steps should help you get your space back in no time:

1. Move as much as you can out of the garage into the driveway . Your neighbors might think you’re having a garage sale, but this will give you some space to work with and the ability to see all your stuff clearly. (One of them may even take some unwanted items off your hands!)

2. Determine how much you can actually fit in your garage when your car is in there. This may take a little trial and error, or you may know from previous experience. We find that shelves, racks or hooks are extremely efficient for creating space. That said, they also give us an excuse to keep something, even though we may never use it.

3. Put items you use often back in the garage in its “put away” spot. Shovels, rakes, weed whackers and such can typically be hung up in the garage. Even bikes and folding lawn chairs can have hanging spots out of the way, depending on creative capabilities and dimensions of your garage. Things like coolers, windshield wiper fluid, gas cans, etc may need a shelf unit to sit on for easy access and space efficiency


Preparing for Grunts Move Junk Garage Clean Out Junk Removal Services


4. Find a home outside of the garage for items like mowers, kayaks, etc. In Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, weather is almost always a factor when storing items outside. Consider a tarp, or tarps, if a shed, overhang or other shelter is not available. This will increase the lifespan of many of these items.

5. Get rid of items you never use, or haven’t in years. Let’s face it: most of us have a little bit of hoarder in us. We tend to hold on to things, maybe unknowingly, for much longer than we need to. This may include items that are broken or that we brought from a previous home that we just don’t need at our current home. If there are kids in the home, old shoes, boots, clothing or athletic gear they have outgrown may have found its way into the garage. If in decent shape, much of this can be donated to a local team or sports group, or maybe sold to a secondhand store.

6. Sweep THEN dust your garage. This is by far the dirtiest part of a garage clean out in Vermont. When driving New England winter roads your car likely collects sand, salt, grunge and grime. No garage cleanout is complete without this final step. Don’t sweep too hard, however, or all your stuff will be covered in dust. After the sweep is complete, be sure do dust off anything you can with a damp rag or towel. Don’t forget the windowsills and casings, if you have them. We recommend NOT just sweeping this back out into your driveway or its likely to end up right back in there sooner than later.

Call Grunts Move Junk for your Vermont Garage Clean Out Junk Removal

Once you have everything you use back in place and a remaining pile of junk, its time to call Grunts Move Junk & Moving to come quickly and efficiently take care of your Vermont garage junk removal needs. If you are expecting weather before your garage clean out junk removal service, it might be a good idea to move these items into a pile just inside your garage. I know, this pushes back the reward of cleaning out your garage but avoids a waterlogged pile of junk in your driveway.

Tip: After your garage clean out, if you and your neighbors coordinate your junk removal service and schedule them together, you can ask to split fuel and mileage costs when speaking with our amazing office team.


Your garage clean out in Vermont doesn’t have to be daunting. Grunts Move Junk & Moving will do the hard work with a soft heart.


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