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Grunts Move Junk has been helping our customers with their junk removal and moving needs in VT for almost 10 years. We moved into North-Central New Hampshire area in 2019 and moved our base of operations to the Concord, New Hampshire area, Bow specifically, in 2021.

Our amazing team is experienced and capable and we can take care of basement junk removal, shed demo and junk removal, garage junk removal, yard junk removal attic clean outs, eviction clean outs, home clean outs and more.


Serving Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Merrimack NH and More

Eviction Clean Out

Eviction clean outs and junk removal can be messy. Many evicted tenants leave broken or damaged items and usually end up leaving homes or apartments in total disarray. We take care of cleaning out eviction houses, apartments, mobile homes, townhouses and more, in and around Concord, NH, in an efficient and effective way.

Basement Junk Removal

Basement clean outs are often done as part of spring cleaning, but it’s a great feeling to clean out your basement any time of the year. Whether it’s a new-to-you home around Concord, or one you’ve been in for years, we all love to store old junk in our basement and going through it can be emotional, frustrating, time consuming, and much more. Call us to get the junk removed for you.

Garage Junk Removal

Garages are inevitably one of the easiest places to put our stuff that we may not have room for in the house. Especially during the warmer months, garages can easily fill up with junk and leave us scrambling for a clean out in the fall and early winter so we can park our cars out of the snow. Now garage clean outs in and around Concord New Hampshire can be easy, just make your piles and call us to take that junk away.


Junk Removal, Clean Outs and General Labor


Shed Clean Out & Demo

We tell friends: from experience, if you’re getting a shed, get one 50% larger than you think you need. Sheds can be filled up quickly and easily, with useful items and items you never use and that are either broken, your family has outgrown or anything else. Lawn furniture, tools, sports equipment and more end up in sheds and every so often its important to do a thorough shed clean out and junk removal.

Some customers buy homes with old sheds that are full of junk but otherwise dangerous to be in and these just need to be cleaned out and demolished. Just give us a call and Grunts Move Junk will do it all for you.

Furniture Removal

Furniture is often bulky and many of our customers in and around Concord New Hampshire don’t always have a truck handy to get their old furniture to the dump. It can sometimes be bulky or heavy or need to be taken apart or dismantled to get it out of the home easily. We can make that furniture junk removal quick and easy and do all the work for you within a day or two.

Barn Junk Removal

Barn clean outs in New Hampshire can be unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to come across, and you never know how old, dusty or dirty a barn may be. Barn junk removal can be just a couple tons of old hay, or maybe a mish-mash of various items from decades of collecting…well, junk.

Many of our customers have barns that have been full of stuff for generations, and with a good clean out, could be put to much better use. The amazing architecture and construction techniques used to build barns in 18th and 19th centuries in New England is on full display in many of these old barns, and it’s a shame that so many are just used for storage. Call our Concord / Bow NH location to give a free estimate for your barn clean out.

Bow, Hooksett, Merrimack, Tilton area Junk Removal Services

Attic Clean Out

Some Concord area attics are mostly sealed off, with only a small and inconspicuous hole to crawl through. When up there you need to step on rafters and over insulation to move around. Some attics are designed with easy access and are more finished to allow better storage. The latter can be a great storage space for seldom used items. Over the years, however, much of these items never get used and eventually it might be worthwhile to perform an attic clean out and junk removal to get rid of old items you rarely use. We find spring or fall are the most comfortable times to be in New England attics, as they can heat up significantly in the summer, and be pretty cold in the winters, depending on their insulated status and intended use.

Full Home Clean Out

Full home clean outs can come in several forms. Sometimes a home has been abandoned and needs to be cleaned out to be livable. Sometimes you have an epiphany and realize you really need a deep overhaul of your belongings. Evictions, hoarder situations, downsizing and much more are all good reasons to perform a full clean out. These also can take some time for a homeowner to perform, even weeks or months, depending on the size of the home. A full home clean out may also involve calling Grunts Move Junk and telling us to clean the whole thing out.

Evictions, abandoned homes, hoarder situations and death of a family member are several reasons to call us and not want to try to tackle these chores yourself. We take care of all of this in a sensitive, sympathetic and/or understanding way, with no judgements as to the situation and we appreciate you putting your trust in us to get the job done well.


Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester New Hampshire Junk Removal Services

yard clean up new hampshire

Yard Clean Up

You never really know what will seemingly appear in your yard when the snow finally melts in the spring. We do a lot of spring yard junk removal and clean ups and we remove everything from old sandboxes to construction debris, house siding, tires, old hoses, and much more. The snow can hide a lot and clean up can be a lot. But to make you yard look nice for warmer months, when we want to be out there enjoying summer sun and fun, a yard clean up can be imperative.

Safe Removal

Safe removal can be a little tricky. Some of the safes we have come across don’t look daunting at first, maybe 18” x 18” x 20”, but their weight to size ratio is kind of unbelievable. Those old fireproof safes are packed with cement and lined with steel. We typically send 3-4 guys, depending on the actual size of the safe, but our team does amazing things.

It sometimes seems as if some of these safes must have been lowered by crane into these homes while they were being built decades ago. Otherwise its almost impossible for them to have gotten into these basements to begin with. Our safe removal teams in the Concord NH area will take every safety precaution to get it out of there with no issues.

Piano Removal

There are a lot of unwanted pianos out there today. Unfortunately it seems far fewer people are learning to play pianos and many of them are slated to go. Its hard to even give your piano away, let alone trying to sell it. There are some pianos that are easier to remove and two guys can take care of it, but larger upright and baby grand pianos often require 3-4 guys, especially if there are stairs that come into play with the piano removal (pun intended).

It’s also inconvenient to have to take a piano apart to remove it because all the strings and wood pieces can get messy. We try to roll or carry pianos out rather than dismantling the, to make the piano removal a little less messy. It can also be emotional, as many pianos are handed down from loved ones. But because they are bulky and unused, there comes a time to let them go. Call Grunts Move Junk & Moving to take care of your piano removal needs.

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