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Barn Clean Out Essentials

Don’t let that barn clean out and junk removal overwhelm you

Barn Clean Out and Junk Removal Services in Vermont, New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Cleaning out your barn doesn’t have to be stressful

Barns hold a special place in the hearts of New England’s rural communities. These structures not only provide, or provided, functional space for agricultural operations but also serve as symbols of tradition and heritage. Over time, however, barns can become cluttered with unused items, as they are an easy place to store unused junk, making it difficult to fully appreciate their beauty and potential.

Revitalizing Space:

One of the primary benefits of cleaning out and de-cluttering your barn is the opportunity to reclaim valuable space. Over the years, barns often accumulate various items that are no longer in use or have become obsolete. These items can take up precious square footage, hindering the functionality of the barn. By undertaking a thorough clean out, individuals can streamline their storage and make room for more important and productive activities.

Preserving Local Heritage:

Barns, especially in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, are not simply functional structures; they are also integral parts of the cultural landscape in rural areas. The unique architecture of barns, often characterized by weathered wood, rustic beams, and distinct silhouettes, contributes to the charm and character of farming communities. However, neglect and clutter can diminish their visual appeal and historical significance and a barn clean out may be needed.


Essentials of a successful barn clean out and junk removal project


At Grunts Move Junk & Moving we understand that cleaning out your barn in New Hampshire, Vermont or Massachusetts can be a difficult but rewarding project. The work we do can be more thorough if you want us to do most of the work, or mostly just consist of the junk removal portion, if you want to do a lot of the work yourself.

1. Plan and prepare: Before diving into the barn clean out process, create a plan of action. Determine what items you want to keep, donate, sell, or dispose of. Gather the necessary cleaning supplies, such as brooms, mops, dust masks, gloves, and trash bags. Some barns we’ve seen are beyond organizing. Previous owners had piled decades and decades of junk, and the new owners were so overwhelmed they called us to just dig it all out and get rid of it!

2. Remove everything: Grunts will empty the barn completely by taking everything out. This will allow you to assess the items and space and clean more effectively. As we remove items, you have the chance to see and categorize them based on their intended destination (keep, donate, sell, dispose).

3. Clean and organize: Once the barn is empty, we can work to thoroughly clean the space. Sweep or vacuum the floors, dust surfaces, and remove any cobwebs or debris. Consider pressure washing the exterior. While we are not experts in repairing barns structurally, depending on intended future use we suggest seeking professional assistance to repair any structural/safety issues or damage, such as cracked support beams, unsafe flooring, and broken windows or doors, as needed.

4. Sort and junk removal: Begin sorting through your belongings. Take a critical look at each item and decide if it is truly necessary to keep. Consider the usefulness, sentimental value, or potential for future use. Ask yourself if you’d REALLY make use of an item, as we all tend to donate or sell items that are still functional but no longer needed by you. We will do all the work; all you need to do is make the decisions. Grunts Move Junk & Moving will take care of the junk removal after the decisions are made.

Don’t let that barn clean out and junk removal overwhelm you. Call our Vermont, New Hampshire or Massachusetts teams.

5. Create storage solutions: Depending on your intended use, this is the step where you prepare to restructure your barn after the cleanout. Establish proper storage systems to maximize space and keep things organized. Utilize shelves, racks, hooks, or labeled bins to store items. Consider utilizing vertical space to optimize storage capacity.

6. Maintain organization: Once the barn is cleaned and decluttered, commit to regular maintenance. This is hard! Out of sight, out of mind, its easy to just let it go again, but depending on the size and condition of the barn, this could be quite a project so it is important to stick with it. Regularly sweep, dust, and remove any clutter that accumulates. This will help prevent the build-up of unnecessary items and maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the space.


Remember, decluttering a barn can be a significant undertaking, so don’t hesitate to seek assistance from Grunts Move Junk & Moving. We can help with all of it, or just the junk removal part. Stay organized, be patient, and enjoy the process of transforming your barn into a clean and functional space. We are here to help and we do the hard work with a soft heart!


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