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Interview with a Veteran- Mitchel Durfee

An exclusive interview with Army Veteran, CEO and founder of Grunts Move Junk- Mitchel Durfee.

Q: What made you choose to enlist in the military?

A: Growing up, I came from a family that all served. My dad, my dad’s dad, my sister, and my uncles, so it was partially in my genetics and like many others that witnessed the attacks on 9/11 it gave me even more clarity, with my decision to join the Army. For me it was an opportunity for me to grow and protect our country on the highest level.

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Happy 242nd Birthday United States Army!

militaryToday is the 242nd Birthday of the United States Army. The United States Army was founded on June 14th, 1775 when the second Continental Congress authorized the enlistment of riflemen to serve the colonies for a year. Prior to this authorization, colonies had their own militias but didn’t have any unified chain of command. On June 15th, 1775, Congress named George Washington as commander in chief of the new Army and took command of his troops on July 3rd, 1775 in Boston. Read More