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Moving Out Tips: How To Prepare For A Fast And Easy Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet stressful experience for many people. As the average American moves more than 11 times in his or her lifetime, a majority of individuals know that relocating to another residence can be challenging. Not only do you have to pack up all of your belongings, but you also have to get rid of the things that you don’t need. Moreover, you have to get some help moving all your things and ensure that your precious items arrive unscathed. If this is your first time relocating or if you’re hoping to do better than your last move, check out these tips to prepare for a fast and easy move.

One month before moving day

If you’re selling your home right away and plan to relocate to a new neighborhood within the next few weeks, then it makes sense to start the moving process early. A month before your target moving date, take stock of your belongings and get rid of as much stuff as you can. To make it less stressful, go through one room per day. Separate items into piles for keeping, donating, throwing away, or selling. If you’re planning to sell anything, have a yard sale or post your items online at least 3 weeks before moving day. That way, you get to have enough time to decide what to do with the items that weren’t sold.

Two weeks before moving day

At this time, you should plan on heading out to get all the supplies that you need to pack up your belongings. You will need boxes, packing tape, and a sharp pair of scissors. You can buy brand new boxes or score boxes for free from local businesses. During this time, you should also call a moving company and make the necessary arrangements regarding your moving day. Plan on having them come to your house in the morning so you can have an early start. Pack the things that you don’t need on a daily basis and save the other items for the week before moving day. Make sure to label all boxes from here on out.

One week before moving day

Start packing often-used items but don’t tape the boxes shut just yet. Leave out just enough stuff to use for the next seven days (clothes, dishes, toiletries). At this point, instead of buying more food, you can start clearing out the fridge and pantry and making meals out of what you have—it’s easier to buy more food once you’ve relocated than moving all the food that you have to your new place. Call your friends and relatives and see if you can get them to help on moving day.

Grunts Move Junk Moving

The day before moving day

Put remaining items in the boxes and tape them shut. Make sure that you have your clothes for the next day and any essentials that you may need within reach. Have a look in and around your house to check for things that you may have forgotten.

Moving day

Get an early start and go to a diner or fast food chain and order a healthy breakfast to go. You may also want to stop by a convenience store to buy bottles of drinking water as moving can be thirsty work. Bring your food home and have everyone eat before getting started—you’ll need the energy for later. While the movers do their job, make a last sweep of the house before leaving.

Moving to a new home can be a challenge, but by planning ahead and getting an early start, you can have a less stressful and more enjoyable time as you get ready to leave your old residence. Follow these tips for a fast, easy, and more efficient move and have a great moving day experience.

Grunts Move Junk Moving

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This piece was written by freelance contributor- Jane Sandwood

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