Junk Removal and Dump Runs

How many of you have recently completed a big project around your home or maybe cleaned out a room and now have junk and debris piled up in your garage because you haven’t had the time to make a dump run? We understand how frustrating it can be trying to find the time to go to the dump with the hours always changing, and most closing before you even get home from work. Weekends are even tougher as most are only open for a short time on Saturday’s and are closed on Sunday’s. Instead of having to leave work early or taking a day off and using your vacation time to go to the dump (yuck, who wants to waste their vacation time on that?) why not call Grunts Move Junk to do it for you?

Our Grunts will do all of the lifting, load it up into our trailer and haul it away to the dump for you. The best part is, you won’t need to take anytime off from work to deal with it! 

Save yourself the hassle and call us today to get a free estimate (844) 478-6874 or click here to visit our website! 

Check out this before and after of a recent junk removal job!


Before Junk Removal Grunts Move Junk


After Junk Removal Grunts Move Junk Dump Run

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