Hoarding Clean Out


What’s Included With This Service?

  • Our team of Grunts will come and take any items you no longer wish to have in your home.
  • You just point and we do all the rest of the work.
  • We do all the loading and haul everything all in one shot.
  • Items in good used condition we try to donate to local organizations and people in need.

Why Should I Hire Grunts?

Cleaning out a home where someone hoards can be long and tricky process. There is about 1.4 million people who have compulsive hoarding and it is considered a type of OCD. Hoarding is the fear of throwing something away so they keep everything. They fear making a wrong decision and that can cause anger, depression and anxiety. So working with someone who hoards needs to be willing to make a lifestyle change to free their home of clutter.

  • Our Grunts are trained to know how to fill our trailers so you get the maximum amount of space for your items.
  • We know how to handle items that you don’t want to deal with such as hazardous items and E Waste that might be in your home.
  • We come with the muscle. We can lift any heavy items for you.
  • We have the right equipment you need to get the job done fast.
  • We are trained professionals who do all the hard work with a soft heart...and always with a smile.
  • We are the World’s Friendliest Junk Removal Company.
  • We haul it away for you immediately.

What Happens Next?

After you book your hoarding clean out with us, you will immediately receive an email that confirms the day, time, price and address of your Junk Removal.

48 hours before your job, you will receive a confirmation email from us verifying that all your details are correct and to see if anything has changed with your job.

The day of your appointment, your Grunts will give you a courtesy call to introduce themselves and let you know when they will arrive at your location.

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First Step

For those times when you can’t afford to wait another day our Grunts are there to haul away your items

First Step

Our prices are simple & prorated so you just pay for what you fill

First Step

Our Grunts know how to get the job done and fulfill their obligations by being respectful, honest and doing it right the first time




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