Dumpsters can become an inconvenience to you and others. They take up a lot of space, they can damage your driveway or yard, and they can collect extra costs to you.

Our mission at Grunts Move Junk is to provide you with the easiest way to remove your unwanted items without you having to do any of the work. Does that sound good to you? We thought it might but we have also provided a comparison to help you decide if you want to hire us or rent a dumpster.

Why You Should Use A Dumpster Rental Alternative



Simple Pricing

We make junk removal simple by prorating our services so you know upfront how much your junk removal will cost to get rid of.


We are a Veteran Owned junk removal company who help military veterans transition back into civilian life and with our military background, our Grunts will show up on time, every time because that is what we trained to do.


Our Grunts are disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained to be proficient in their tasks while showing leadership, respect, honor and integrity. Our Grunts are who you can trust to come into your home and get your job done the right way.

Mission First

We train our Grunts to put the mission and customer first with no distractions. They will also work hard, fast and will never quit until the job is done.

The World’s Friendliest Junk Removal Company

No matter how heavy an item might be, or how many hours they have worked, or how tired they might be, our Grunts will always great you with a smile and treat you like you are part of our family. We do the hard work with a soft heart.


What You Get When You Rent A Dumpster




When you rent a dumpster you have to do all the lifting, loading and work yourself. Do you really want to take a day off of work or take time away from your family so you can throw things in a dumpster? Our Grunts can do all the heavy lifting and loading for you for around the same cost.


Dumpsters have lots of rules and restrictions about what items you can and cannot throw in the dumpster. If you do throw something in that they won’t accept you can expect some extra charges and fines. Do you really want to figure out what you can’t throw in a dumpster and separate it and than make several trips to different locations to drop off these items? Or our Grunts can handle all of this for you.

Extra Charges

Once you rent a dumpster you have to rent it for a certain time period. If your project hits a snag or takes longer than expected than you have to contact the dumpster rental company to add additional days to the rental which can add up for you.

Waiting Game

After you are finished with your dumpster you will need to call your dumpster rental company and schedule a time for them to come and remove it from your property. Sometimes this process can take some time as they don’t always have the time or means to get rid of it when you need them to. Do you really want this full, dirty dumpster sitting on your property for longer than you need it to? Our Grunts can come in load everything and take it away for you immediately.


Dumpsters are heavy and can cause damage to your driveway or lawn even with when you get a pad to put down to protect it. Almost daily, people are getting injured by dumpsters, whether they get injured by not correctly lifting or throwing items in the dumpster properly, to slipping or falling on the wet surface, injuries are common.

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First Step

For those times when you can’t afford to wait another day our Grunts are there to haul away your items

First Step

Our prices are simple & prorated so you just pay for what you fill

First Step

Our Grunts know how to get the job done and fulfill their obligations by being respectful, honest and doing it right the first time