You have finally decided to do it! It’s time to clean out all that junk in your house or you finally decided to do that home renovation you have been putting off for so long. How will you dispose of all your unwanted items and debris. Two ways come to mind. Ordering a dumpster or hiring a professional junk removal service, your dumpster alternative. Which is one is best for you? We will help you figure you that out.


One of the most important factors of choosing a service will be cost. Ordering a dumpster or hiring a junk removal specialist is about the same cost. Other things to consider with cost is that when you order a dumpster you are risking damage to your driveway or lawn from the dumpster. That can be a costly expense, especially if you are looking at selling your home in the future. Another cost to consider is that dumpsters are ordered in time frames meaning you pick how long you want to have your dumpster and if you go over a certain period of time you are looking at extra charges. You will also pay extra if you overfill the dumpster. Hiring a junk removal professional you know your job will be efficiently and effectively.


Your time is valuable and the more time you spend on projects means more money you spend. If you are thinking of getting a dumpster you must first contact the company to order your dumpster then you must wait for them to drop the dumpster on your lawn or driveway. Most companies need at least 24 hours in advance to drop the dumpster. From there you have to fill the dumpster yourself and once you are finally done you have to contact the company to have them pick it back up. All in all this is a long process ultimately wasting a lot of your valuable time. A junk removal specialist can come to your home the same day you need the work done, load all of your items for you and dispose of everything usually all within a short amount of time.


What Can They Take?

Dumpsters have strict rules and regulations on what they can and cannot take. For instance, you can not place any hazardous items such as paint cans, and oil or e-waste items including computers, tv’s, monitors, printers in a dumpster. So not only do you have to fill the dumpster yourself but you also have to research and separate items that cannot go in your dumpster and find another way to dispose it properly yourself. Hiring a junk removal company will make this process a breeze as they have been trained on what they can recycle and bring it to the right place without you having to lift anything or leaving your home.

Do You Like Trash Sitting In Your Yard?

When you order a dumpster the average time a dumpster is sitting on your lawn or driveway is a week. That is a long time that trash and debris is sitting in your yard and having your neighbors look at it. Let alone smell it. Save yourself and your neighbors the unsightly view and smell of your dumpster and hire a professional to take your junk away the same day.

Hazards and Rodents

Some dumpster companies use dumpster pads to help protect your driveway or lawn but these can cause more hazards than good. Most dumpsters are loaded with grease and other liquids and cause a huge slip and fall hazard for you while you filling your dumpster. Dumpsters and dumpster pads are a breeding ground from rodents and bacteria. Dumpsters are filled with food, trash and other debris that will attract flies, bugs, cockroaches, rats and raccoons. Parasites and bacteria grow on dumpster pads and as dumpster employees remove them and use them for another customer that bacteria and parasites are carried on their hands, shoes and clothes from one location to another spreading from one location to another.

Save yourself the extra time, money and headaches of a dumpster and hire a junk removal specialist like Grunts Move Junk.

Grunts Move Junk is a Veteran Owned and Operated junk removal and moving company who has highly respected and trained team members who will go above and beyond the call of duty of your job. They will show up with integrity and with a smile on their face as they tackle your job pride. Junk removal has never been this easy. Call us today for a junk removal estimate 844-478-6874.





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For those times when you can’t afford to wait another day our Grunts are there to haul away your items

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Our prices are simple & prorated so you just pay for what you fill

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Our Grunts know how to get the job done and fulfill their obligations by being respectful, honest and doing it right the first time


Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle in the world. When you get home, your purpose is typically to relax, no matter what that means. But over time, the things you own begin to accumulate, and are used less and less throughout the years. At this point, all of those “had to have,” trinkets, extra clothing and furniture have become junk that’s piling up in your home. Fortunately this problem can be easily solved with the junk haulers at Grunts Move Junk.

Our junk removal will help to soften the blow of cleaning up clutter. Simply put, we’ll take all the the old junk that you don’t want around, and be rid of it for you. We’ll do the cleaning and removing and the end result will be a much more enjoyable home.

Other removal companies offer one flat rate for junk removal, whereas with Grunts Move Junk, we prorate your cost for the weight of your specific load. This means if you only fill half the trailer you only pay the rate for a half trailer.

If you’re in need of the junk removal services from Grunts Move Junk, don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate today

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