Photoflight Video

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Photoflight Video
Phone: 802-782-4243

Owner: Anthony Dearmin

How They Started

Anthony has been an avid RC hobbyist all his life. It started with RC cars, then boats, than airplanes and helicopters. When the age of the Drone hit he was amazed. He wanted one so badly but they were so expensive. His wife surprised him a $60 inexpensive drone for Christmas so he could at least experience the flight of a drone versus the planes and helicopters. It was actually very hard to fly because it wasn’t as advanced as the more expensive ones. He needed to find a way to convince his wife to spend the $699.00 on the more advanced Phantom 3 drone. As you know $700.00 is a lot to spend on a toy then he thought to himself, wait a minute, this is really more than a toy, this is an opportunity! This is an opportunity to make many jobs safer and an opportunity to give a different perspective on the same old pictures and videos that we were all used to seeing. This is an opportunity to give a bride and groom a more memorable pictures and videos to share with the world. This is an opportunity for insurance companies to have less liability sending agents up on roofs for inspections. The opportunities to have a drone in the sky are endless. Anthony’s wife finally gave into this idea of turning his “toy” into a marketable and profitable business and Anthony got his first “expensive” drone. From there his passion and excitement grew. Not only for himself but for his wife, she is the mastermind behind the name PhotoFlight Video. Read More