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Tenant Eviction Clean-Up

It can be agreed that all landlords would love to have a tenant who pays their rent on time, renews their lease every year and doesn’t cause any damage to the property. In reality, most landlords will find many tenants who are pleasant, but they will also find themselves dealing with tenants who wreak havoc to the property, and don’t pay their rent on time or at all. When that is the case, landlords will often have no choice but to evict those tenants. Read More

Junk Removal and Dump Runs

How many of you have recently completed a big project around your home or maybe cleaned out a room and now have junk and debris piled up in your garage because you haven’t had the time to make a dump run? We understand how frustrating it can be trying to find the time to go to the dump with the hours always changing, and most closing before you even get home from work. Weekends are even tougher as most are only open for a short time on Saturday’s and are closed on Sunday’s. Instead of having to leave work early or taking a day off and using your vacation time to go to the dump (yuck, who wants to waste their vacation time on that?) why not call Grunts Move Junk to do it for you? Read More

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The Beginners Guide To Decluttering Your Home

We all have clutter in our homes, some just more than others. Regardless of how much stuff or “junk” we have, we could all benefit from getting rid of that clutter and everything else we don’t need. Having a cluttered home can actually be bad for your health. According to Psychology Today, messy homes can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and helpless.

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Toy Clutter Plague

Toy ClutterHow many of you feel as though you have had all rooms of your home completely taken over by your kids toys? The toys are scattered in their bedroom, living room, basement, kitchen and even your room! Sometimes you may feel like there is no hope, that with every passing holiday and birthday, more and more toys keep accumulating in your home. We all reach that breaking point when it comes down to just wanting to throw out all of their toys and it’s usually right after stepping on a few Lego pieces (ouch!). Read More

Grunts Move Junk

Junk and Clutter Statistics

ClutterMany of us would agree that we own way too much stuff. Did you know that having too much clutter can have a negative impact on the brain? According to neuroscientists at Princeton University, having too many excess things in our surroundings can have a negative impact on our ability to process information and focus. This can ultimately cause stress and frustration. So how does all of the clutter begin? Well, it starts with us buying things we don’t need, and keep thinking we might find a use for it someday. Take a look at some of these other interesting junk and clutter statistics to get a better idea: Read More


Let Grunts Move Junk Help You Take Back Your Garage

ToolsMany of us have lost our garages to mounds of old junk and clutter? Old kids toys, bikes, broken lawn mowers, bags of clothes and tires now take over what once was a parking spot for your car. Many projects have been put on hold because of lack of space to finish them. With summer right around the corner, what better time to take back your garage than now?    Read More