Moving in together

Moving In for the First Time: What Couples Should Consider

There comes a time in every serious relationship when you decide to combine your lifestyles and your spaces. Moving in together is an exciting milestone and the thought of packing up and building a new home can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. From making the move to decorating your space, there are many aspects to consider. Not matter the status of your relationship, there are bound to be a few challenges and roadblocks along the way, but even those tests can be passed with a little bit of preparation and recognition of the realities of sharing a space with someone new.

Know your Budget

Before you decide on your new home or apartment, you should have a clear understanding of what both you and your partner can afford and how you are going to split expenses. This might feel like a tricky conversation to start, but it’s crucial that you map out a plan prior to moving in. You may decide to split rent and other expenses like water, heat, and cable down the middle, so you need to keep your partner’s income in mind as you make decisions. Financial stress can put a strain on any relationship, so to start your life together out on the right foot you should balance your budgets and make decisions accordingly.


Declutter and Organize

Knowing what items you actually have will be very important as you merge belongings with your partner and decide what you’ll want to buy new. During this process, you might find it helpful to keep a spreadsheet or index of your items in order to find where the holes are in your list of necessities. You can also take this time to clean out your closets and declutter your old belongings, appliances and furniture. You are moving onto the next step in your relationship, and your space should be moving to the next step as well. It might be time to ditch your college sofa and invest in a matching family room furniture set or other durable pieces that will last you for many years to come. In this process you should be honest with yourself and part with any items that you no longer use or need. They will only double when you move in with another person. Save yourself the time of moving unwanted items and start fresh in your new space! Finding a local junk removal service is a great way to save you the hassle of getting rid of your items. Grunts Move Junk is company who specializes in junk removal and moving services so they can you help with your entire moving in together process.

Grunts Move Junk Moving Services


Make Safety a Priority

As you are moving, make sure that your valuables are stored safely while you are moving and keep important documents close by. Especially when you are moving in with another person, you’ll want to make sure not to lose track of anything important as you combine belongings. Safety should also be a priority when choosing a community, but for extra peace of mind you can consider getting a home alert system that will keep track of you and your significant other as you get accustomed to your new environment. Simplisafe offers a digital system that can alert you whether you are at home or away. Check out their twitter channel for their evolving digital features, like integration with Amazon’s Alexa. It may help you sleep better if your partner ever goes out of town, and in any situation where you have valuable possessions at home.


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