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Aging In Place? Why You Need To Declutter Your Space

It’s too easy to fall into the trap of having a cluttered home. Research has found that 80 percent of the items we keep are ones we never use. They end up taking up space and causing us to become disorganized. The issue of clutter becomes an even bigger problem when you’ve got empty nest syndrome because your adult kids have left home. You might find that you’ve got loads of stuff you don’t really need but since most of it is sentimental, you want to hold onto it. However, clearing your space can be really good for you, especially if you want to live in your home for as long as possible. 

Clutter Free Grunts Move JunkWhen you clear away clutter, you prevent the risk of tripping or falling – one in five falls result in serious injury, such as broken bones. It’s not always easy to get the courage to get rid of sentimental items in your home, but that’s where a professional decluttering service like Grunts Move Junk can help you. They make it much more convenient for you to eliminate things you don’t need without having the burden of not knowing where to start. If you don’t have great mobility, services like these make the decluttering process much easier. Their hard labor will make your space cleaner and safer, enriching your life. Here are some other tips to help you clear away clutter.

Get Some Outside Perspective 
It’s not easy to look at your items from a logical, objective perspective. They’ve been with you for decades and probably contain many memories. That’s where outsiders can be a great help to you. A junk removal company provides this benefit, as well as friends or family members who’ll be able to make you judge your stuff with greater clarity and less emotion that keeps you tied to clutter.

Give Away An Item A Day
If you have lots of clutter that can actually be useful to other people, consider donating it to those less fortunate. Or, you could ask relatives if they’d like the items which could hold special memories for both of you. It’s daunting to think of all the items you need to give away, but don’t rush the process. Resolve to donate one item a day to someone. When you make it a habit to find someone to give an item to, you’ll make the process fun. Research has found that helping others is good for your health. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, when you think about helping others, the part of the brain known as the mesolimbic pathway is activated. This region creates feelings of gratification. Endorphins, or “feel good” chemicals, are released when you help others, which creates feelings of calm and happiness.

Ask Yourself Questions
Sometimes we hold onto things and we don’t even really know why. Maybe they were passed down in the family or we’re just used to having them around. But try to break down exactly why you’re holding onto something. Ask yourself questions such as “Would I buy this vase/ottoman/chair if I saw it in the shop today?” and “If I moved out of this house today, would I need to bring this item with me?” Another good question is, “When last did I use this item?” You probably won’t need it in future even though you worry you will, especially if you haven’t used it in months and it’s making living in your home difficult, such as blocking entryways into rooms. These questions are good to give you greater perspective on the clutter. You’ll probably find that you can do without many items that are clouding your space. By keeping your home comfortable and safe with less clutter, you’ll feel freer and gain greater mobility.


Replace Loss With Gain
You might hold onto clutter because it represents your past. Letting it go might make you worry that you’ll suffer a great loss, but try to change your way of thinking by focusing on what you stand to gain by decluttering your home. It’s not just about decreasing your stress levels and being surrounded by practical things you really need – your decluttering will also help other people. As mentioned in the book “Stuffology 101”by Brenda Avadian and Eric Riddle, when you let go of clutter you’re lessening the burden it will have on your children and other family members in future after you’ve passed away. You don’t want to leave them with stress. Coming from this perspective, clearing away clutter can actually be a huge relief by decreasing feelings of guilt.

Having clutter is unsafe and stressful. It ties you to the past instead of allowing you to free up some space for the future that involves living in your beloved home long into your old age. You can get rid of your clutter in various ways, such as by donating it to loved ones or the less fortunate, or enlisting the help of friends or a junk removal company such as Grunts Move Junk. However you decide to declutter your space, you’re sure to reap the benefits, such as making your home safer and happier.


Freelance Contributor- Jane Sandwood

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