Rocque The House Pepper Jelly

Rocque The House Pepper Jelly

Rocque The House Pepper Jelly

Owners: Heather Graber and Gary Rocque


Phone: 802-373-9627


Rocque The House Pepper Jelly

How did your business get started?

“As far back as I can remember, my dad has been making delicious jelly from hot peppers grown in our garden. Over the years, the Rocque family has given jars of this unique pepper jelly to friends as a way of saying thanks. The word has spread and we have people coming back for more. It is wonderful on pork chops and ham, can be poured over cream cheese for a cracker dip, or a topping on steamed vegetables. Use it whenever you want a sweet tangy kick. We grow all of our peppers locally!”

 Locally Grown Peppers

Tell us about a defining time for your business?

“Once we started doing craft shows and the word got out, we had people all the way from California, Florida and out West buying it. When doing craft shows or online orders, I like to include a recipe card of a dish using pepper jelly. It’s surprising how many people don’t realize all the different ways you can incorporate pepper jelly into their foods. People’s first thought is pepper jelly over cream cheese on a cracker. How about a grilled cheese with pepper jelly and ham, pepper jelly over pork chops cooked in the oven or  pepper jelly over salmon? Once the ideas started flowing, customers purchased more and feedback poured in about how delicious their dishes turned out.”

Who is the unsung hero of the business?

“My father has always been the core of the business. He is an incredible cook and always loves to dabble with different food creations. My father used to make the jelly and give it out to friends and family as gifts or a way to say thank you, but after many knocks on the door, I told my father I think he had something incredible and he should start selling it.”

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