Haunted in Vermont

Glastenbury Mountain

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1) Glastenbury Mountain- There has been a long time mystery surrounding Glastenbury Mountain. Many claim the mountain to be cursed and haunted. This theory started with the native Americans who refused to go to Glastenbury Mountain because they feared that the land was cursed. At that point they only used the land to bury their dead. There have been a large number of murders that have taken place on the mountain dating back to 1892, perhaps earlier. There has also been the mystery of the strange disappearances that took place starting in 1943 as well as UFO sightings. Source

University of Vermont

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2) The University of Vermont- The UVM campus has been known to have many haunted buildings. In Converse Hall a former student who committed suicide is said to roam the halls. In Coolidge Hall a male apparition has been said to wake students up out of their sleep by staring at them. In the Center for Counseling and Testing, the ghost of sea captain Jacobs has been spotted by many visitors. Other buildings on campus with reported activity are; Allen House, Grasse Mount House, Living and Learning Center, Millis Hall, Redstone Hall and Simpson Hall to name a few. Source

Vermont Police Academy

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3) Vermont Police Academy- The Vermont Police Academy was formerly a state hospital for tuberculosis patients and is known to be still haunted by a nurse named Mary who used to work there. The old call buttons are still in the recruits’ rooms and if they are pushed, it is said that Mary will stop by to check on them during the night. Source

Shelburne Museum

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4) The Shelburne Museum- The Shelburne Museum covers over 45 acres and consists of 39 historic buildings, many of which were relocated there from other locations. The most active building is said to be the Dutton House which was originally built in 1782 and was moved to the museum in 1950. The museum staff has seen an apparition of an old man and also claim to hear a child crying. Source

Green Mountain Inn

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5) Green Mountain Inn- Built in 1883, the Green Mountain Inn has been visited by many famous presidents. Chester A. Author and Gerald Ford were all known to have been guests at the hotel. According to many claims, a spirit named Boots from the 1800’s has been known to haunt the inn. Boots Berry was the inn’s former chambermaid and horseman. Boots was asked to leave the hotel due to excessive drinking and went wandering the country for a few years. Later, he made his way back to Stowe in 1902. One day during a bad snow storm, Boots climbed onto the roof of the inn to help save a child who was stuck on the rooftop. Boots ended up slipping off of the roof and died. Those who work at the inn and stay there have claimed to hear boots tap dancing on the hotel roof. Source  


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6) Tunic Road- Tunic Road in Shaftsbury, is known by many to be haunted. Witnesses have seen ghosts of soldiers marching along the road as well as orbs. Source

Welden Theater

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7) St. Albans

Bay Park: A phantom pirate ship has been spotted in the St. Albans Bay Park and some fishermen have claimed the pirates have been known to yell out to them. It is believed that they are out there trying to capture champ.

Bellows Free Academy: There have been many reports of apparitions being seen as well as people being tapped.

Welden Theater: The Welden Theater, which used to be a jail, has been known to have many unexplained things happen. Voices can be heard in the old projection booths and movies have started playing on their own. The remains of the old jail cells can be found in the basement of the theater, where many get the unsettling feeling of being watched. Witnesses have also seen an old man with a white sweater, walking around in the basement.  

St. Michaels College

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8) St. Michaels College- There have been a number of stories about ghostly activity taking place at the college. People claim the campus to have multiple ghosts, curses and even sights of a disembodied arm. There has also been a rumor that back in the 60’s or 70’s, young men were taking part in occult rituals on the campus. During one of the rituals, it has been said that one of participants was supposed to close the “portal” before everyone involved in the ritual left, but a security guard ended up kicking everyone out before they could close it. The door to the attic has since been padlocked shut and reports of footsteps as well as lights have been seen up there. Another eerie story is that there is a pentagram painted on the floor, and no matter how many times they try to remove it, it still appears. Source

Shanty On The Shore

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9) Shanty on the Shore- Known for their delicious seafood, the Shanty is rumored to be haunted by the previous owner, Issac Nye. Before the Shanty was a restaurant, it was a old general store run by Nye. It has been said the Nye liked to keep to himself and didn’t like very much interaction with his customers. Years later, Nye ended up closing the general store down and secluded himself from everyone, even more. He died at the age of 88 and had one last request for his funeral. He asked that his shop be reopened and have his body laid on the counter for people to pay their respects. The restaurant still has old items from the general store displayed and restaurant staff claim to hear footsteps and lights seem to turn on, all on their own. Furniture is reported to move and people have also gotten cold chills in certain spots. Source

Black Agnes Statue

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10) Black Agnes Statue- A statue of a male figure sitting with his eyes closed and head draped with a shawl, and known as “Black Agnes” is said to be cursed. Located at the Green Mount cemetery in Montpelier, the statue is said to put a curse on those who try to sit on its lap. Many claim there are a number of things that can happen when you sit on the statue’s lap, the most common being that of bad luck. For years, there have been claims of people encountering three strikes of bad luck after daring to sit on its lap. There have also been claims of an uncountable amount of bad luck and even death after seven days! We aren’t sure if these claims are that of wild imagination or pure coincidence, but one things for sure, I won’t be taking any chances! Source

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