De-clutter Me!- Featured Business of the Week

De-clutter Me!

Owner: Ellen Gurwitz


Phone: (802) 598-3639


How it started:

“After careful consideration and with the encouragement of some friends, I launched De-clutter Me! in 2013. After some time, I realized that the real inspiration for the business was some seven years earlier while helping my best friend, who lives in the desert Southwest. She, whom I’ve known since the fourth grade, was going through chemotherapy treatments. I flew there to support her and, hopefully, also to have some fun. Her house was a mess. We spent about 10 hours working in the kitchen, since I wanted it to be a healthy and workable space for her to prepare food for herself and her family. The sense of satisfaction from helping my friend stuck with me, even if in the back of my mind. Bonus points – she was pleased with our work together and, to my great relief, recovered from her cancer and still is very much with us.”

What she offers:

De-clutter me! specializes in space clearing and organizing solutions for;

  • Artist’s studio
  • Baby’s room
  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Closet
  • Crafts room
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Living room
  • Office/study
  • Pantry
  • Workplace supply closet

Before and after photos of some of her work:

unnamed (2)      unnamed (3)

unnamed      unnamed (1)

de clutter me before      de-clutter me after

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