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Six Tips For A Stress Free Move

Did you know that well over 1 million people in the United States currently live in a different place than they resided only 5 years prior (approximately ⅓ of the US Population). Statistics show that the average American will move 11.7 times in their lifetime. Annually only 9% of movers relocate more than 500 miles away, where 61% of movers remain in the same county. Regardless of the details relating to your specific move, there are countless ways to ease the stresses and complications of moving.

6 Tips For A Stress Free Move-

Hire A Moving Company:

Save yourself from relying on friends and family or having to do it all yourself. Optimize the efficiency of your move and hire a professional and experienced team of movers such as Grunts Move Junk. No job is too big for our Grunts, whether you need the whole moving package or just a few extra hands to help move heavier items, Grunts Move Junk has you covered!

Plan Ahead:

Draw up or sketch a floorplan of your new place. Then decide which items will be unpacked and stored where. This will save you time and energy in the unpacking phase of your move. Be sure to plan out where larger items will live to avoid the hassle of rearranging. It may also be wise to schedule your utility and service appointments prior to your move, this way you can have your services on and ready sooner.

Stay Organized:

Label your boxes and make a master list of the contents. You’ll thank us later. This will help you move seamlessly and allow for an orderly unpacking. It’s a huge pain not to be able to put your hands on the belongings you need and know you have but can’t seem to find!


Regardless of the season, before you move is an ideal time for a little spring cleaning. One, you’ll lighten the load. & Two, you might come across items you no longer use but might be able to sell for some extra money during the transition.

Strategically Refresh/Replace:

Today we can buy essentially anything and everything online. A new home calls for various new home essentials, from furniture to decor. There is no need to move your overlooked and outworn items just for you to replace in the coming weeks. Consider shipping your new home must haves right to your new home awaiting your arrival on unpacking day. Today, companies like Casper, ship and deliver quality mattresses in a box to your door, simplify your errand running and shop ahead online!

Have an Unpacking Plan:

Strategizing your unpacking plan is a must do. Make sure to go room by room, and start will the most important spaces like the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. This strategy will help the house come together in the most ideal and prioritized order possible. Only, leaving you comfortable and confident to continue unpacking in the coming days.
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