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The Beginners Guide To Decluttering Your Home

We all have clutter in our homes, some just more than others. Regardless of how much stuff or “junk” we have, we could all benefit from getting rid of that clutter and everything else we don’t need. Having a cluttered home can actually be bad for your health. According to Psychology Today, messy homes can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and helpless.

Why does mess lead to stress?

  1. Excess clutter makes it more difficult to relax physically and mentally
  2. It frustrates us by preventing us from finding things that we need quickly
  3. It distracts us by taking our attention away from the things we should be focused on
  4. Clutter constantly signals to our brains that our work is never done


What is considered “clutter”?

Clutter is a collection of items you keep around your home, that doesn’t add any value to your life.


Why should you declutter?

Decluttering helps you relieve stress because it offers you a sense of control and accomplishment. Getting rid of the junk and clutter throughout your home will help you free up space leaving you with more room for you, your family and friends. You will get to enjoy the freedom of the space you have reclaimed. Read more about the benefits of decluttering your home here!


To begin you need to set goals, create a system and commit

Set goals

-Before you begin tackling the clutter, you need to come up with a game plan. Start with specific goals you want to accomplish and this will help make the tasks less stressful and frustrating.

-Write down the rooms you wish to tackle. Put those rooms in order from the easiest and fastest to declutter, to the messiest and more time consuming. Do one room at a time and set completion dates.


Create a sorting system

-As you go through the different rooms, you need to have a sorting system in place to stay organized.

-Come up with your own creative method or use the popular 3 box or bag method of: Keep, throw away, storage.

-Keep like things together

-Use storage bins, baskets or totes to store your items and keep them organized

Organized Toys

Commit to getting rid of the junk

Making the decision to get rid of all of the old items in your home, might be the hardest part of decluttering. If you are like most people, you hold onto many items because they have memories attached to them, have monetary value, or you feel as though you might have a use for it someday. These are all real challenges that many of us face and this is where most people fail to get rid of the clutter. If you can commit, you will accomplish this gigantic task.


Tips on how to decide if you need to throw something away:

Ask yourself if you love it

Sometimes we keep things we aren’t crazy about. If you ask yourself if you love the item and you have to think about it, it’s time to toss it.

Think of the last time you used it

If you haven’t used the item within the last 6 months, chances are you probably won’t for another 6 months. Time to toss it.

See if it works

This one is a no brainer. If the item no longer works, get rid of it. If you think you can fix it, then fix it. DO NOT let that item sit in your home. If you are going to fix it, make sure you have the time to actually do so.

Sleep on it

Once you have a pile of items you have set aside to throw away, sleep on it. If there is an item that you actually can’t live without, you will know in the morning and will have a chance to pull it out before it’s gone for good.


So now what do you do with all of the junk you want to throw away?

That’s where we come in! Grunts Move Junk are pros when it comes to hauling away all of your unwanted junk. You won’t need to worry about having to dispose of certain household appliances or bulky items. All you have to do is book an appointment with us and we will arrive ready to load up all of your junk and haul it away! Give us a call at (844) 464-7868 or schedule an appointment online by clicking here!


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