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Photoflight Video- Featured Business of the Week

Photoflight Video
Phone: 802-782-4243

Owner: Anthony Dearmin

How They Started

Anthony has been an avid RC hobbyist all his life. It started with RC cars, then boats, than airplanes and helicopters. When the age of the Drone hit he was amazed. He wanted one so badly but they were so expensive. His wife surprised him a $60 inexpensive drone for Christmas so he could at least experience the flight of a drone versus the planes and helicopters. It was actually very hard to fly because it wasn’t as advanced as the more expensive ones. He needed to find a way to convince his wife to spend the $699.00 on the more advanced Phantom 3 drone. As you know $700.00 is a lot to spend on a toy then he thought to himself, wait a minute, this is really more than a toy, this is an opportunity! This is an opportunity to make many jobs safer and an opportunity to give a different perspective on the same old pictures and videos that we were all used to seeing. This is an opportunity to give a bride and groom a more memorable pictures and videos to share with the world. This is an opportunity for insurance companies to have less liability sending agents up on roofs for inspections. The opportunities to have a drone in the sky are endless. Anthony’s wife finally gave into this idea of turning his “toy” into a marketable and profitable business and Anthony got his first “expensive” drone. From there his passion and excitement grew. Not only for himself but for his wife, she is the mastermind behind the name PhotoFlight Video.

Photoflight Featured Business

Choosing the business name was almost as hard as choosing the name for his son. He wanted a name that had meaning and one that mimicked the services he wanted and knew he could provide. That excitement soon came to a screeching halt. His wife was doing some research on small drone businesses and found several articles about the FAA regulations on commercial UAV’s (Unmanned Airborne Vehicles). These guidelines basically stated that anyone looking to make money with a drone will need to be exempted by filing a 333 exemption with the FAA. Acquiring this 333 exemption was unbelievably difficult and even after getting it, Anthony had to become a professional licensed pilot to fly it commercially. This was a major setback to his launching this dream but he still applied for his exemption and persevered onward. While waiting for this exemption the FAA came out with a new law for commercial UAV owners, Rule 14 CFR Part 107. This Part 107 would require Anthony to study and become a commercial UAV drone pilot. Anthony studied and studied and when he thought he had studied enough he studied some more. For 5 months Anthony studied then tested and passed his Part 107 UAV pilot license! He was now UAV Commercial Pilot that could legally provide the services that he had been dreaming about. Everyone wants a job where they don’t feel like they are working because they are doing what they love and for Anthony, this is that job.


Photoflight Featured Business

What They Do

PhotoFlight is insured, registered and licensed, and safety is their number one concern just before providing you with the best aerial footage you can get. Their services are tailored to your individual or professional needs and create the maximum impact possible. They provide stunning aerial imagery for your home, sporting events, real estate documentation, construction site documentation, insurance roof inspections, commercial endeavor, search and rescue, and much more.
Anthony’s hero is his wife, Billie. As he mentioned before it is hard for a family living week-to-week to invest into something that is not guaranteed. Billie handles all the finances and he can assure you at no time did she think that spending $700.00 on a drone would be in the best interest of their families finances. To her demise, the initial $700.00 investment was made and no matter how many times he said it, no matter how much he believed in his vision the money was spent on a dream. Nevertheless, Billie stood by his side, helped him and praised him for the efforts and work that he had put into pursuing this dream. Now Anthony is at the point where that dream and vision have come to full circle and she is still standing by his side. In addition to Billie’s full-time job as an Office Coordinator of the Strategic Planning department at The UVM Health Network, she oversees the business side of PhotoFlight so that Anthony can focus on providing the best aerial imagery services to our community.

PhotoFlight has serviced Grunts Move Junk who in itself are an impressive company on many levels. They are prideful young men and women that enjoy serving their community and most impressively, their country. Any events that you see the community Grunts Move Junk is at the forefront. They are kind, compassionate, professional people that believe in what they say and say what they believe. Mitchel Durfee is an outstanding young man that I am very proud to call a friend.

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