Grunts Move Junk

Grunts Move Junk Does all the Hard Work with a Soft Heart

Grunts Move Junk

Spring is the kick off to the busy season of junk removal and moving. People begin to open up their houses and clean out their rooms where junk has been accumulating over the past few months. They start a pile and think “why should I hire a junk removal company when I could easily just do this myself?”. To be honest, you very well could just do it yourself, but who knows how many trips you will be taking to the landfill. What could have been a two hour job for us, may turn into a two day job for you. Another thing to consider is what that junk could possibly do to the side or bed of your truck, or even worse you! We can’t even begin to tell you how many horror stories we have heard from people trying to move junk on their own, and ending up in the hospital with a broken foot or back. You may think that by removing the junk on your own, you are saving money, but realistically it could end up costing more.

At Grunts Move Junk, we are professionals at what we do, and do so with a smile on our faces. We aren’t your typical junk removal company. We are a veteran owned and operated company and employ veterans young and old. Our mission is to build a solid foundation for transitioning service men and women, into positions where they can continue to serve their communities. When we provide our customers with a service, we strive to treat all of our customers as if they are apart of our family. It is our job and duty to give them and their belongings the respect that they deserve.

So why should you hire Grunts Move Junk over other junk removal companies? Because we do all of the hard work with a soft heart. May that be loading and hauling away your junk, cleaning vacant spaces, helping you move out of an old home and into a new one or cleaning up your yard. No matter the job, we take care of you so you never have to do any of the dirty work yourself. You can count on us to get the job done! Click here to book your next service with us!

Want to learn more about what we do for our community? Check out the Pulling for Hope event we attended!

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