Brown Dog Photography

Brown Dog Photography- Featured Business of the Week

Brown Dog Photography

Phone: 802-343-9964
Owner: Maria Gleason

How They Got Started
Maria has always been passionate about photography, she took a couple of college photography classes but her passion grew after her boyfriend bought her first DSLR Camera in 2015. Maria began taking photos of what she found beautiful and interesting in the world around her however, it wasn’t until the adoption of her two dogs that made her want to pursue a career in Photography.

Maria has two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Remi and Ruger, who have inspired her to start my own Photography Business. Their pure love for her and the world around them made Maria want to seek out a new career. Hence, the name “Brown Dog Photography.”

The defining moment for Maria’s company was when she started sharing the photos of friends/clients that she had in the past. The amount of positive comments that she received was overwhelming and was the defining moment that made her realize that this is what she wanted to do.

Brown Dog Photography

Maria’s boyfriend, William DeRosia deserves a lot of credit for the start up of her business. He bought her first DSLR Camera and continued to support and push her to do what she loved to do, take photos of the beauty in people and in our world.

Maria’s grandfather has used Grunts Move Junk before and he had nothing but good things to say. Maria has honestly been thinking about contacting them when she decides to build a house because she bought her grandfathers land and he left a bunch of junk all around the woods.

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