Top Ranking Home Improvements



1)New Siding:

Siding not only plays an essential role in protecting your home from harsh elements, but also serves as curb appeal. There are four common types of siding vinyl, metal, fiber cement and wood. When replacing your siding, think carefully about what type would be best for your home, as well as color and style. On average, replacing old siding with new siding can cost around $12,000.


Vinyl is the most popular and budget friendly siding option for homes. It is durable and tough, and will maintain it’s shape in extreme temperatures. Some benefits to vinyl siding are it makes for a speedy installation and can be fitted over existing siding.


Metal is another popular option which includes steel and aluminum. Metal siding can come in many colors and styles that mimic the look of wood. The benefits of metal siding is that it is lightweight and makes for easy installation.

Fiber cement is the third and a more expensive option. Fiber cement is a mixture of wood fibers, cement, sand and clay. The liquid mixture can be molded to closely resemble painted wood or masonry. It is becoming more popular due to how rugged and tough it is, and also because it is termite proof, fire resistant. 

Wood is the fourth siding option that stands to be very durable. Wood siding is easy to shape and cut, making installation easy. This particular siding tends to be very pricey and requires repainting every 5 years and re-staining every 3 years. 


Wood Floors

2) Installing Hardwood Floors:  

There is no denying that homes tend to sell better when floors are wood. Carpet can be stained easily and looks dirty if it isn’t properly cleaned. Installing or replacing wood floors throughout your home will not only give it an elegant and timeless look, but you will also be getting the most out of your expense when you decide to sell. Hardwood floors are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. They are strong, durable and timeless. These long lasting qualities make them a cost effective flooring option that may cost more upfront, but in the end will save you money or even make you money if you decide to sell your home.


Garage Doors

3) Upgrade Garage Doors:

If your home has a garage that is facing the street, it is one of the first things that people will notice. There is nothing more unsightly than a dented and dirty garage door. By installing or updating garage doors, you will be adding lots of visual appeal. Whether you choose modern or more traditional style garage doors, it is a great way to “dress-up” your home. Here are a few style and design tips:



-Add some exterior overhead and side lighting with a warm glow

-Accessorize garage doors with decorative trim, pillars, hinges, and handles

-Place tall plants on the sides of the garage doors

-Add windowpanes

-Use color to make garage doors standout but avoid bold colors

-Carriage style doors are currently trending



4) Minor Kitchen Renovations:

Major kitchen upgrades and renovations can easily cost homeowners anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 and you are not guaranteed a large return in the end. Small kitchen renovations are a more affordable option and also have a higher earn on investment. Some minor kitchen remodel and updates could include:

-Resurfacing kitchen cabinets

-Changing or polishing hardware

-Creating a backsplash

-Repainting walls

-Splurging on one new appliance

-Updating floors

Entry Door

5) Entry Door Replacement:

One of the top ranking home improvements with a high return, is entry door replacement. It is one of the first things a buyer walks through, so you want it to leave a great impression. An energy efficient door can also save you 10% on your energy bill. Exterior doors come in many styles, with the three most popular being steel, fiberglass and wood.

Steel– Is the most affordable front door option. It offers durability, strength and has low maintenance and is energy efficient. The bad qualities of steel doors are that it can get scratched or dented easily, which could lead to rust. It also can only be painted and not stained.

Fiberglass– Come in many styles and give a very elegant and classic look. They offer wood-grain or a smooth finish look which can be painted or stained. They require minimal maintenance and are also energy efficient.

Wood- Is the more expensive of the three options. Wood doors offer a high-end and authentic look, which can be painted or stained. The cons of having a wood door would be it requires regular maintenance. The finish will fade and many recommend refinishing every two years. The wood absorbs moisture and can lead to bubbles, warping, or even rot. Another downside is it is the least energy efficient option compared to either steel or fiberglass doors.

(Numbers and estimates are based on 2016 Cost vs Value Report)

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