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Service Dogs for Veterans

Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are the most common mental health problems faced by Veterans today. PTSD is a mental health problem that can be developed after experiencing or witnessing a life threatening event. Some symptoms of PTSD can include; anxiety, lack of interest, difficulty concentrating, nightmares, lack of sleep and detachment.

A unique company that is working to help Veterans overcome this disorder is called K9s for Veterans. K9s for Veterans is dedicated to helping veterans suffering from PTSD, by providing them with service dogs to help them transition from the military, back to civilian life. They not only take the time to place veterans with a properly trained service dog, but also offer free food and basic medical care for the life of the service dog. K9s for Veterans rescue dogs from kill shelters and train them to be service dogs. 


Service Dog

PTSD service dogs can help veterans in a number of ways;

-calm their handler

-help lower blood pressure

-prevent people from crowding around or rushing them

-help with depression

-provide companionship

-and many more!



The service dogs are highly trained to detect anxiety responses displayed by the veteran in potentially challenging environments or situations. The dogs are trained to recognize and interrupt early signs of panic attacks, anxiety and nightmares, allowing the veteran to break the cycle and regain emotional control.


As a veteran owned and operated company, Grunts Move Junk is honored to bring awareness to non-profit organizations such as K9s for Veterans. For more information on the organization or if you wish to make a donation, you can visit their website at K9s for Veterans.

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