Duffy’s Desserts – Featured Business

Duffy’s Desserts
Email: kayladuffy1234@gmail.com
Phone: 802-524-1162
Owner: Kayla Duffy
Website: https://m.facebook.com/DuffysDesserts1/

How She Got Started 

Kayla started baking for people about a year ago, just doing cupcakes here or a cheesecake there, she gradually put her name out there and built up a clientele. Her business was officially established February 2017.

17159193_1775060132821794_796216147160506279_oPictured: Spiderman Cupcakes
What She Does

Kayla offers catering services and wedding venues, birthday parties, private parties she does it all. Kayla makes some desserts including cheesecakes, cupcakes, gluten free cupcakes, fudge, cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels and brownies. Not only does she offer all these different kind of desserts but she gets creative with them. Check the photo below to see her thin mint cupcake. 
The unsung hero(s) of Kayla’s business is every person who has placed an order with her. Without my customers Duffy’s Desserts wouldn’t be anything more then an idea.

Duffy's DessertsPictured: Thin Mint Cupcakes

If you are looking for some amazing desserts for your next party or wedding give Kayla a call.
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