Tips On Moving Out Of Your Rented Home

Tips On Moving Out Of Your Rented Home

Have you just bought your first home? Are you excited about moving out of your rental to your very own house? That’s great but before you can start enjoying your new home, you need to move out of your rental place and this can be a big task, especially if you have accumulated a good number of household items after you first moved in here. Never fear, we have right here some tips that you can use to make moving out of your rental place and into your new home a pleasant and easy affair.

1) Make sure your utilities and services providers have all been notified
This prevents hassles with your landlord about leaving the gas on or heating on while the flat is unoccupied. Remember that they may need to take final meter readings so you can be billed for the actual duration you occupied, not more and not less. You should also be notifying your internet service provider or mobile service provider so that there is no risk of misuse by the people who occupy your rental place after you move out.

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2) Check about formalities
In many apartment complexes there are restrictions and formalities to be followed if a tenant is moving out. An inspection may be scheduled so that the property owner can assure himself that the apartment is not damaged in any way by you. You may be asked to limit all your junk removal and moving to specific hours of the day when there is little traffic on the stairs or in the lift. This is done to prevent inconvenience to other residents. Check what kind of restrictions apply before you call in your movers.

3) Make sure you move bulky items with care
You are no longer going to be living here but it is your responsibility to ensure that you leave the house in the same condition as you ‘found’ it when you first started living here. That means you should be careful, especially when moving the larger items like wardrobes or tables. Knocking these against the walls or windows could result in damage to them as well as the house.
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