Cow Tales Driver Education- Grunts Move Junk Featured Business of the Week

Cow Tales Driver Education- Featured Business of the Week

Cow Tales Driver Education


Phone: 802-309-5076

Owner/Operator: Melissa Manson


Melissa began her business in 2007, teaching classes in Fairfield and serving mostly Fairfield residents. She has taught over 1000 teens and 300 adults since! She now offers classes in Fairfield all year long and in Georgia in the summer months.

Melissa says the best moments are when she hears from teens about the value of the program. She received this message at 3am one day last week.

“I know it’s late, very late actually. But I saw you earlier and I was driving stupid and reckless. I got into a big argument with my dad and I was pissed off and that’s about it. I wasn’t thinking. But when I saw you, I slowed down to slower than the speed limit and I thought about it. I realized how stupid it was and how much you taught me about driving safely. I’m sorry I was being stupid and not thinking. I won’t do it again.”

Melissa’s heroes are the kids who make a real difference in the way they drive after they spend time with her. She also have the good fortune to have community members contribute to her program in a really positive way. JoAnn Manahan, Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department at NMC has given selflessly to her teens for almost 10 years. Moe Lamothe, Jay Riggen and Nick Olson are 3 Vermont State Police who have given so much time to her teens. It’s so great to meet them somewhere other than roadside!  James Carter, a UVM baseball coach, has been sharing his story of loss and the importance of seat belt use with her kids for years! These people define what it means when we say it takes a village.

Cow Tales Driver Education

Grunts helped Melissa hoe out the basement of my house and her daughter’s house. She promotes them whenever she can and would never consider using anyone else. They are reasonable, efficient, reliable in their work. They give to the community they come from. Who could ask for more than that!

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