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Smart Labeling Tips for Easy Unpacking at Your New Home

Moving can be a tough task especially if you don’t have a plan when you are doing the packing up. Usually, haphazard planning ends with random things being flung into random boxes. And that means you have a horrible time ahead of you when you get to your new home and start to unpack. Typically, when you don’t know what is in which box, the stuff that you need as soon as you get there always seems to be at the bottom of the pile, in the very last box that you think of searching. Avoid all of the hassle, strain and sheer frustration of having to carry out a full- fledged hunt for everything you need with smart labeling.

Color code them

There are different ways you could do this. You can color code by room, meaning that all the boxes with stuff removed from your living room get green labels while all the kitchen stuff gets yellow labels and so on. Or you could color code by category. That is, the tools gets one color while clothes get another etc. If your new home mimics the one you are leaving and the rooms match, then the first idea makes things easier while a totally different layout of the house warrants the second.

Grunts Move Junk Packing/Unpacking Tips

Mark the destination

No, we don’t mean your new home address. We mean that you mark where each box goes, on the labels. Maybe you allocate a number or code for each room in your new home and mark the labels with those to tell your Grunts Move Junk pros where they can put each one. This saves the trouble of stationing one person at the new home to tell us where everything goes and it eliminates the need for you to do heavy lifting after we have moved everything into your home.

Label all sides

Just remember, when the boxes are all in your new home, they are going to be stacked up or side by side and many surfaces may be obscured. You don’t want to move each box just to see what the ones underneath have on the labels. Take care of this possible problem by pasting labels or labeling the boxes on all sides including the top. All you have to do is nudge the surrounding boxes a bit to catch sight of at least one of the labels.

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