Always Shining Cleaning Services

Always Shining- Featured Business of the Week

Always Shining

Owner: Stephanie Robtoy


Phone: 8023704988


In 2014 I was asked to help a friend with a cleaning job about an hour from where I lived. I enjoyed the work and fell in love with the joy people  experience when they walk into a clean home, helping take the stress off of an already busy life. I decided I wanted to do this as a career and help others who either can’t do the heavy cleaning anymore or who are far too busy to keep up with it. That way they still get the peace of living in a clean, organized home! So I started putting my name out locally so I could do something I enjoyed more often.  In 2015 i went full time into running my own cleaning business in franklin county! I offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings.

Always Shining Cleaning Services

I think grunts move junk is an amazing, motivating company. I follow them online and they really inspire me to move forward and keep growing in my business! As well as being positive and having fun while doing so!