Grunts Move Junk is Veteran Owned

What It Means to Serve

We have always been intrigued by what it means to serve people. We spent many years understanding that our actions have an impact on others regardless of our personal intentions. Here are some things we have learned through the years.

What is Serving?

Serving is providing value.

We have a duty to serve people. Whether it may be a waiter or waitress, a nurse, a taxi driver, a store clerk, office manager, accountant or serving our country in the military no matter what we choose to do — we will always be serving people. If that is in fact what we are doing then why not be the best at it. When we serve the number one aspect people will remember you for is a great attitude. 

Grunts Move Junk Still Serving

Why is the attitude we choose important?

The attitude we choose defines who we are and is a reflection of our behavior. 

When our attitude is poor, it demonstrates our unease at serving. But if our attitude is positive and encouraging, it represents our authenticity with an unwavering commitment to personal integrity to help others. It becomes the real deal.Challenges in life are only temporary and we shouldn’t let those challenges affect our behavior and our attitude. 

If, in our short journey through life, we can show kindness towards others who are less fortunate by teaching them to live happy lives, covet their families and inspire others to do the same, we will have fulfilled our mission. This, I believe is the Great Call. It’s about being a good human being in the service of others.

The biggest influence we can have on people is to be a mentor and value others.

What is an Mentor?

When others take notice of you as a person of integrity that delivers consistent performance that is in line with your commitment to truth, honesty and accountability, you become a person of influence and a mentor. 

Everything we have learned throughout the years, the ups and the downs, we take the time to work one on one with our team members to coach advise them for accomplishing their goals personally and professionally.

How can Grunts Move Junk add value to you?

Our Grunts is the definition of serving our community and country. Not only are we Veteran owned but we also hire as many Veterans and active military members as we can. Our team is also filled with other members of our community who serve such as first responders, police officers, EMT’s, and LNA’s. At Grunts we hire team members who want to change the world and help others.

We are also able to connect with people through listening, understanding their needs and see what would add the most value to them. We have developed a leadership brand that effectively delivers the best in people’s performance, integrity and need to help others. 

We look for ways to grow people personally and professionally which also gives us growth. We understand that growth comes from seeking, fostering and developing relationships that are meaningful. It’s all about integrity, honor, leadership, respect and pride of doing your best work. We are put here to serve people so we might as well be magnificent at it.

To support those who serve or have served our country here is a gift to honor them with.

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