Grunts Move Junk Packing Tips

Packing Tips to Make Moving Easy

If the thought to your imminent move to your brand new house is keeping you awake at night, we have some good news for you. Packing all your stuff does not have to be the back breaking, brain freeze including task that you dread. Unbelievable? Well, take a look at these packing tips that make this task easy and hassle free.

Plan ahead and get enough boxes, sticking tapes and ropes in advance

Don’t leave the task of sourcing packing materials until the last minute. Make a rough estimate of the number (and size) of boxes you will need and get them in advance. Also stock up on sticking tape and ropes to tie/ seal the boxes and bubble wrap to safeguard breakables.

Grunts Move Junk Packing Tips

Packing on installment basis

Don’t leave all the packing for one day. There are many items in your home that you do not use on a daily basis. For example, the music player, the party clothes, the knick- knacks, the wall hangings etc can all be packed away earlier, leaving you with fewer items to stress about right before moving day. Pick a room a day and pack the things in it that you can do without until you get to your new home.

Sorting the heavy and light items

A smart packing move is to put the really heavy stuff in small boxes, leaving the large boxes for lightweight items. This way, both these are easy to carry and you stand a lower chance of dropping either. Your Grunts Move Junk professional will thank you for making their job so much easier too!

Organized packing makes life easier

By this we mean that you should follow a system of some kind in your packing. For example, you may want to pack all the contents of your mantelpiece or one shelf in one box, or you may want to put all your glass items in one box marked fragile. If you have items that can dismantled make sure all the parts are packed together so you do not end up with three legged tables at your new home.

Our veteran owned Grunts Move Junk will make sure that you have no worries about the actual moving itself by getting all your stuff out of your old home and into your new home with efficiency. Now, by following these packing tips you can eliminate your worries about packing too.

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