Branon Welding & Sugar Installation

Branon Welding & Sugaring Installation- Featured Business of the Week

Branon Welding and Sugaring Installation
Phone: 802-782-4310
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Damian Branon, owner

Damian started welding in the spring of 2013 on top of helping farmers. He started his own sugaring installation in the fall of 2014. Damian has gone as far as 6 hours into New York for installing woods for sugar makers.  He also helps with sugaring with my family here in Fairfield. Damian has Great pricing a very hard work ethic and is passionate about what he does! The jobs he’s done speak for themselves.

Damian and one employee set up 1400 taps in 5 days! That’s a great long work week ?
Branon Welding & Sugar Installation

Damian can be easily reached at 782-4310 for any welding, sand blasting, or sugaring needs! Also like my page on Facebook🙂 Can provide references if needed

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