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How to Decide What to Junk and What to Keep

Keeping your home junk free is not just a good way to make sure you are utilizing all the available space in a smart way; it is actually a great way to get rid of stress. Experts agree that when you live in a cluttered place, you cannot think clearly and you tend to feel tense and overwhelmed. Often, you know that your home is getting way too cluttered and you always mean to get down to throwing the junk away but the challenge is that you don’t know what exactly you can categorize as junk.

Let us help you here so that you can clear up quickly and call in the professionals from your friendly neighborhood junk removal service, Grunts Move Junk.


Veteran Owned Grunts Move Junk



Ask yourself why you are keeping the item

There is tons of stuff cluttering up our home that we do not really need or even like. We just hang on to them because we feel so guilty about spending money on them. Maybe it’s a treadmill that you promised yourself you would use every single day, maybe it is that expensive mirror you convinced yourself that you absolutely had to have. You know that you haven’t really used them like you thought and that makes you feel guilty. Well, that’s no reason to keep it and let it eat up the space. Ask yourself why you are keeping each item in the house. If the answer is ‘Because I feel so guilty about throwing it out’ then it’s rightful place is in the trash pile.


Memories are in your mind, not in the junk

No, your fond childhood memory of your Dad teaching you to ride a bicycle is not completely linked to the run down, rusted bike at all. Even if you throw it away, you will remember the Dad- daughter time you spent together. The same goes for every other item that you think holds memories for you. Remember that memories are in your mind and heart not in the stuff you have accumulated over the years.


Hide it for a while

There are those items you think you will surely need at some vague point of time in the future. Collect all such items, put them away for a couple of months in a hard to reach place. If you have never had to get any of the stuff out, or if you found an alternative that was more easily accessible, you know that they are not indispensable after all.

Once you have all your junk weeded out, just call us in from Veteran Owned, Grunts Move Junk and we will get all the stuff out of home before you can change your mind! Book a Junk Removal Service Today!

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